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Tuvalo is a multifaceted and forward-looking company based out of Accra, Ghana. The company founded in 2011 was initially known as Isis Interactive Limited; the name change was occasioned to suit the ever growing scope of the company’s activities and also because of concerns expressed by stakeholders regarding branding and image.

Tuvalo was formed to provide tailored and cutting-edge web technology services. Through the years the company has grown to become a formidable ICT service provider even beyond its birthplace, Ghana. Tuvalo has garnered a remarkable clientele base of both governmental and non-governmental organisations, multinational companies and other corporate entities as well as individuals.

Tuvalo prides itself not only with the distinguished expertise of its staff but also their commitment and dedication to work – believing that a project is successful only when the client is satisfied and happy. To give our clients more value, Tuvalo has formed strategic partnerships with equally innovative and capable companies around the world.

Since its inception the company has been forward-looking to bridging the ICT divide that still pertains vastly in Africa. As a result, the company is formulating executive training programmes aimed at upgrading the skills of civil servants as well as employees of the private sector.


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The change of name has come about as a result of painstaking deliberations by our management team regarding the coincidental homophonous semblance of the previous name and that of the Islamic militant group ISIS. But more importantly, the company has widened its scope and service areas to offer more and broader ICT services and products as well as training programmes.
The new site has been improved for mobile navigation and readability. Content has also be widened plus more interesting features. Visit
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