We are a technology startup studio and management company that aims to create, invest in, and scale high-growth startups in niche and emerging markets. Our mission is to leverage technology and innovation to solve some of the biggest challenges faced by the continent while generating significant returns for our investors.

E-commerce in Africa market size

$ 0 B
2027 Projections

CAGR 2023-2027: 13.53%

609.30m users by 2027

E-learning in Africa market size

$ 0 M
2027 Projections

CAGR 2023-2027: 12.10%

24.31m users by 2027

Africa Digital Economy

$ 0 B
Market Size

$712 billion by 2050

0 B
2023 Africa Population
0 %
Internet Penetration
0 %
of global youth by 2030 are young Africans

Investing into Africa's future