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Entrepreneurship in Africa faces numerous hurdles despite Africa’s huge opportunities, particularly for solo innovators seeking capital. Tuvalo Universal Company (TUC) pioneers a novel model— a crowd equity business partnership program, that democratizes investment opportunities. Operating in the digital space, real estate, and tourism sectors, TUC invites partners to contribute equity collectively to invest in high yielding projects in Africa.

With TUC, partners can purchase slots for $500 each to become an Equity Partner in Tuvalo Universal Company Ltd, a United Kingdom registered firm. Once you become a partner of TUC, you’ll contribute to the company’s growth trajectory by participating in the General Management Assembly which directs the company’s strategy.

Investment Structure:

2.1 Accessible Entry: TUC welcomes partners with a modest investment of 500 USD per slot, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility to a wider audience. A Partner can purchase more than one slot to increase their investment profitability.

2.2 Stake-holding: Every slot purchased entitles the partner to a proportional stake in TUC, calculated as 1/total sold slots per xx% of the total shares of the company depending on the total value of slots sold. This aligns individual interests with the collective success of TUC’s ventures.

Decision-Making Framework:

3.1 General Management Assembly (GMA): Partners become members of the GMA, contributing to collective decision-making. The process ensures transparency and a shared vision for investment strategies.

3.2 Partner-Driven Growth: TUC encourages partners to actively contribute to its growth by recruiting others. Partners receive a 5% commission for each new recruit, converted into equity. This incentivizes network expansion, fostering a community-driven approach to success.

Business Sectors:

4.1 Digital Space: TUC prioritizes high-growth opportunities within the digital space. Fintech, e-commerce, e-education and other technology-driven services. Africa’s remarkable digital economic growth promises high returns for investors. Through subsidiaries, TUC targets sectors and markets in Africa with low risk and high ROI.

4.2 Real Estate and Tourism: Our strategic contacts facilitate the acquisition of promising projects in the real estate and tourism sectors, contributing to a diversified and resilient investment portfolio for TUC partners. Our real estate initiatives target tourists, digital nomads and local users to maximize profits for investors. E.g. Our Akwaaba Marine City project leverages Accra’s beautiful beaches to provide visitors unique living and recreational spaces.

Operational Structure:

5.1 Management for Each Venture: Dedicated management teams are established for each venture, implementing strategies approved by the General Management Assembly (GMA) and the Board. This ensures effective execution and maximizes returns.

Financial Transparency:

6.1 Regular Reporting: TUC is committed to financial transparency, providing regular reports on investment performance and financial health. Partners are kept informed, promoting accountability.

Synergistic Partnership Growth:

7.1 Commission-to-Equity Program: TUC’s unique partnership model encourages partners to actively recruit others, fostering a network effect. Partners earn a 5% commission on each new recruit, directly converted into equity, aligning incentives for collective growth. The more equity raised the more projects we can invest in. Our network approach will ensure that TUC becomes a game-changer in no time and reward early partners with high ROI.

7.2 Community Engagement: To enhance partnership synergy, TUC facilitates community engagement through regular forums, updates, and collaborative decision-making. Partners actively contribute to the success and growth of the community.

Expansion Plans:

8.1 Strategic Growth: While initiating operations in Ghana, TUC envisions a gradual expansion into Nigeria and other African countries. This strategic approach diversifies investment opportunities, empowering partners across different regions.


Tuvalo Universal Company (TUC) doesn’t just aim for financial success but strives to build a community of empowered entrepreneurs. Through crowdfunding, collective decision-making, and a unique commission-to-equity program, TUC fosters a sense of shared ownership and collective prosperity.

Our investments are targeted at creating impact. Our startups are geared towards solving Africa’s problems; job creation and the export of Africa’s digital skills to a global market, improving access to education through e-education platforms, creating wealth for Africans and solving other systemic bottlenecks that hinder Africa’s progress. Secondly, because of the abundant  opportunities available, combined with our strategic approach, Tuvalo will stand to control a good market share in the region, which promises huge profits. Thirdly, becoming an equity partner makes you an integral member of a  global company.

TUC is a global company registered in the United Kingdom. This partnership programme is open to everybody in the world, especially Africans. You can buy our partnership slot from anywhere in the world.

TUC will start churning profits from 18 months from January 2024. TUC is a strategic business that requires time to produce huge profits. We envisage 36 months from January 2024 to be a good time for Partners to start receiving good profits when the company will be valued in the millions.

For each slot, a Partner can expect up to 4X its cost value in 36 months. TUC invests in startups with high growth potential, this means the mother company (which partners own stakes in) could be valued in hundreds of millions once traction is gained.

Technology Startups are a huge deal since they popped up in the 90s. Successful startups include mega brands like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Uber, Zoom, etc. Africa’s digitalization has given rise to huge opportunities, creating a startup ecosystem and a growing digital economy. TUC is investing talent and capital to penetrate and own a good market share in the region.

Yes, a Partner must give a 1 month notice of withdrawal to enable TUC to refund their investment plus any profits accrued.

Each Partner will be given access to a partner’s portal where they will receive updates and collaborate with TUC and other partners. Partners will also attend occasional virtual meetings.

Yes, TUC will open several positions as well as create subsidiary companies for its investments into many sectors, requiring employees. Partners will have a first-choice offer subject to their qualifications.

The General Management Assembly does not require any special skills. We believe TUC’s partnership programme will attract people with some entrepreneurial experience and zeal which will be enough to participate in the GMA.

You will receive a Partner Certificate and agreement form (SAFE) with details of your investment and an authentication number/code. Additionally, you’ll receive occasional reports on the progress of the company. You will also be invited to partners’ meetings when necessary.

A Partner can purchase up to 100 slots. TUC will engage institutional investors to facilitate bigger investments.

Contact details can be found on the official website of TUC – TUC is also being managed by Tuvalo Limited, headquartered in Ghana.

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